ms. oblivion (sincerelybob) wrote,
ms. oblivion

would it have been different if it weren't so sudden? i doubt it. still i wish i had some time to absorb what was going on. i can't believe it all happened within 2 days, i can't fucking believe it.

i love you more then anything. i hope you understood that even if you are just a kitty (that's them saying that, you stupid fuckers, not me) it's hard for me to feel emotions strongly, but for you i felt a true love. i wish you could have understood that it was the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. maybe you did, i don't know. every morning i awake, the first thing i expect to see is your face. i search for it around corners only to realize i'll never see it again, other then behind a glass plate. everyday i walk up those steps, i'm searching in your spots, wondering why you're not greeting me. when i'm working, i hear the patter and click of your little feet against the floor, but it's not you, it's just my imagination. i'm sorry squeekers, i'm so sorry, i wish i could have helped you and not had to kill you. sometimes money can buy love, unfortunately i have no money.

i always thought i'd be the girl with a cat, but right now i can't imagine any other taking your place.
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