ms. oblivion (sincerelybob) wrote,
ms. oblivion

finally a sign. the pessimist in me has disapeared and that is the only thing that scares me about tomorrow. you fucking optimists. think the best and you shall receive. i'm sure naivety is grand, but it's not in my fucking bible. my confidence scares me. it's been awhile since my face has formed a genuine smile though and that alone is enough to make everything ok.

i once loved biblical proof of ufos. but after seeing them last night, they remained like every other band i see these days....the hard is never hard enough, the soft not soft enough, the emotion not emotional enough, so on and so forth. music has taken the place of love for me. where i once found total satisfaction, i am left dry. where i once layed dry i am sopping wet. everybody has dreams. when one dream is met another arises. i only have to remember that no matter how miserable things seem, i am living someones dream no matter how detached it is.
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