ms. oblivion (sincerelybob) wrote,
ms. oblivion

after 2 weeks and 72 resumes......i got a job, a i live in the real fucking world job!

and not just any job, but a job where i can use my true to life skills that make me HAPPY! holy fucking shit, there is some sort of god. doh!

but anyhoo, you take the good for the bad right? because it seems i could never have a 100% enjoyable life, who could? no no. the number one thing that i've attached myself has become a routine. and it's really pissing me off. what do you do with something that you love more then anything else in the world when the mystery is gone and all actions speak before words? what used to be a year and a half has become 2 years. and what i used to lay my head back in sleepy humor is a serious thing now. i want to sleep and wake up on may 25th, if only to know what the real deal is, because until then it's all a game to me and i'm tired of fucking playing games. this is the first time that i've said i want something so ridiculous, the first time that i've thought, if i can't have this i'll walk away to be alone because basically i am alone if it's not exactly what i want. the first time i watched others accept offers that allure me but never quite fit my missing pieces and wonder if, hey!? is that really what it is that i'm looking for, it's just never happened and i'm pissed off about it?! it's happened, oh it's fucking happened, yet i am bonnie and you are boris creeping up on me slowly with heavy frightened fingers. your words make no sense, yet i'm still rockin' and you're still loving it. duh. you're loving makes me want to drink, because when i drink i forget what's real and what's real is the fact that no matter what you feel, what i feel, it could all change and i'll be back to the first day. it's funny and sad. the happier i am, the more i want to drink. shouldn't it be the opposite?
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the only thing that i got out of that, is the part were you say that the thing you have attached yourself to more than anything... well, basically you say that i have "become routine". my posts have actually been better than ever and i hope you didn't miss my foray into slashfiction. because it's probably the best thing i've ever written on any internet forum...

oh wait, i get it. you're not even talking about me at all here.

let me back up...

you got a job that is very you! so you have a job being a indecipherable vague person some place? hey who's hiring for that? i'm there.

all dumbness aside.





i think i know what you're talking about here!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck!?

i hope my cat never dies.
serious congrats on that one!

life can never be all great or we'd never appreciate anything... sad but true.

Did you hear about the Melvins coffee table book?

nope, what's that?

i am excited that i get to see the melvins not once, but twice in march, yay!!!

reposted from noiserock:
It is time to celebrate! The self proclaimed
> "greatest band in the history of music", the mighty
> MELVINS celebrate their 20th anniversary this March.
> Yes, beleive it or not it was 20 years ago on March
> 9th 1984 in Olympia Washington, the very first
> Melvins show. To celebrate we are releasing a very
> special coffee table book called "NEITHER HERE,NOR
> THERE" on March 2nd. This is an amazing
> retrospective highlighting artwork from their
> releases, ruminations from the band and their
> friends and a CD compilation featuring tracks from
> all their releases only available in this book.
> As if this was not enough, the Melvins will be doing
> a mini celebration tour on the west coast of the US.
> Dates are posted in the calendar section now. At
> these shows you will be able to buy a special,
> limited edition, overpriced, hardcover, version of
> the book. Join the party!!!!!
> How many other rock bands have survived 20 years and
> are still relevant?

houdini is a great album.

and if i post i'm drunk.

remember that.

i'm happy for you, but i think you're sadisticly weird and vague in your ways. i'm intrested, and i do want to know more.

other than that... that "californian slashfiction" was my best post ever... it satirized even it's own format even while making fun of everything i hate. i can do no better. if i know you've read it i don't really care about anything else.

for real.

do you think i should go for this plastic girl?

Deleted comment

better late then never right?!

thank you! yes, a job! i am so freaking happy!

it probably sounded more exciting then what it really is, but for me it truly is a good thing. i think you might know, my job for the past 2 years was selling vintage clothing on ebay. now i get to pick and buy vintage clothing for a new store to either a.)resell it in their store b.)sell it on ebay for them or c.)revamp them into new creations to be sold in their store. plus i get to the stylize and create the vintage atmosphere of the store and i get first dibs on any extra-specially good items, for myself and my own business. yay!
i spied you the other night at the rose and the raindrop...

would've attempted to say hello but you were on your way out when i realized it was you...

maybe next time.
awwww man, you shoulda stopped me, i was probably just headed across the street. i live at r&r and mfps. i'm always up for making new drinking buddies.

another time?
fer sure...

maybe i'll drop by there tonight after i go to this thing at nocturnal...

say hello if you happen to see me and i not you